Supporting Tim Burns

Authentic Values

Our Mission and Goal

Burns for Wisconsin is a dedicated platform advocating for Tim Burns’ candidacy for the Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice position. We aim to bring justice and integrity to every corner of the state.

Founded with a passion for a fair and impartial judicial system, Burns for Wisconsin started as a grassroots initiative to support Tim Burns in his quest to serve the people of Wisconsin.

Core Values

Our Commitment and Principles

Integrity First

We uphold integrity as the cornerstone of our actions, committed to transparency and honesty in all our endeavors.

Equity and Justice

We strive to ensure equality and fairness for all, advocating for justice that is blind to bias and discrimination.

Community Engagement

Engaging with our community is at the heart of what we do, fostering dialogue, listening, and responding to the needs of the people.

Join the Cause

Together, let’s support justice and fairness in Wisconsin

Questions? Give us a call 224-575-4765

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