Changing the Supreme Court


Why Tim Burns?                                                                                        

  • Wisconsin needs a Supreme Court Justice who will fight for average people against the big corporate interests that are rigging the Wisconsin judiciary.

  • That means fighting for our values and fighting for what’s right, not making friends and going to parties with monied interests that seek to control our courts.

  • Tim’s opponents prefer supporting predictability for Wisconsin business and congenial relations on the court over doing what’s right. We need elected leaders who are fighters, not those looking to join an exclusive club.

  • Over the past decade, in case after case,  we’ve seen our Wisconsin courts enrich the powerful, disenfranchise voters, authorize corruption of our government with the influence of special interests, and lock up people of color in record breaking numbers.

  • We need to fundamentally change the court. That means electing judges who make it clear they will stand up for Wisconsin families. Not those who equivocate in order to obfuscate their true positions.

  • People all across the country are standing up to powerful interests and saying enough is enough. We need to join them, and that starts by electing a new Supreme Court in Wisconsin.

  • Tim is supported by progressive organizations like Our Revolution and progressive leaders like Congressman Mark Pocan because they know he’ll fight for us.

  • Join me in supporting Tim Burns for Wisconsin Supreme Court.