Dark Money in our Politics


Who Dark Money Supports?

Screnock got a $500,000 dark money ad buy shortly after announcing that he opposes judges recusing themselves from cases brought on by major campaign donors. Dark money groups are making sure that they stack the court with more corrupt sycophants who will protect their power.

What's the Purpose of Dark Money?

This dark money distorts our elections and pressures our elected leaders to look out for monied interests at the expense of working people in Wisconsin..

Our court system over the last decade has systematically tilted the playing field in favor of our state’s wealthiest and this ad-buy is another bribe to  protect their interests.

Who Will Fight It? 

We need judges that understand the corrupting influence that money has on our politics, not judges like Michael Screnock who will benefit from protecting that corruption.

Screnock is taking his marching orders from WMC and will seek to protect the financial interests of his backers.

One of the greatest threats to our democracy is the widening gulf of income inequality that places undue political power in the hands of a chosen few. They then use this political power to gut public benefits in order to enrich themselves and grasp even more political power.