Madison attorney Tim Burns running for Wisconsin Supreme Court

A Madison attorney has announced that he’s a candidate for the Wisconsin state Supreme Court. Tim Burns will challenge incumbent Justice Michael Gableman in the April 2018 election. “I’m not running as a Democrat, I’m not running as a Republican, I’m running as someone who wants to be a non-partisan judge,” Burns said Monday.

While elections for the state’s highest court are officially non-partisan, Gableman is a member of the court’s conservative majority. Burns is open about that fact that he’s money to Democrats. “I have given a fair amount of money to Democratic candidates over the years, because Democratic candidates have reflected my values,” he said


Madison lawyer will run for Wisconsin Supreme Court

A Madison lawyer and longtime Democratic donor announced Monday he will run to take a conservative justice’s seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Tim Burns, a partner at Perkins Coie LLP, will run for the seat currently held by Michael Gableman, who was first elected in 2008.

Conservatives currently control the court 5-2, but Burns said he hopes to change that in the 2018 elections.

“I believe our country works best when everyone has a voice in governing, not just special interests and wealthy donors,” Burns said in a statement. “Special interests are now getting a free ride, and they are weakening our democracy to make sure their free ride continues. That has to stop.”


Madison attorney announces bid for state Supreme Court

A Madison attorney on Monday announced he would run for a seat on the state’s highest court, nearly a year before voters go to the polls.

Tim Burns, an attorney with Madison’s Perkins Coie firm who specializes in insurance litigation, is seeking the seat on the state Supreme Court currently held by Justice Michael Gableman, whose first 10-year term on the court expires next spring.

Burns, who lives in Middleton, is a partner at Perkins Coie and previously headed the American Bar Association’s Insurance Coverage Litigation committee. He also sits on the board of the liberal-leaning American Constitution Society and heads another American Bar Association committee focused on impartial courts and social justice.

Gableman did not return phone calls seeking comment.