Congressman Pocan endorses Tim Burns for the Wisconsin Supreme Court

Madison, Wisconsin – Congressman Mark Pocan has endorsed Tim Burns for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Burns is running for the seat now held by Justice Michael Gableman, who has announced his retirement from the court. There are currently three announced candidates for the seat – Tim Burns, Rebecca Dallet and Michael Screnock. The primary will be held on February 20th, 2018 and will narrow the field to 2 candidates who will advance to the April 3rd general election.

The following is a statement from Congressman Pocan:

“2018 is our year. Democrats are energized and are working hard to lead the resistance and take back Wisconsin. That especially includes taking back our state’s highest court by electing a progressive to the bench this April.

“That is why today, I’m proud to announce my endorsement of Tim Burns for Wisconsin’s next Supreme Court Justice.