Former Congressman Dave Obey

"We need a Justice on the Wisconsin Supreme Court who stands up for people and has the skill and experience to do so effectively. Tim Burns is a champion of progressive Wisconsin values and will never be just another rubber stamp for Scott Walker." 


Citizen Action of Wisconsin

"What impresses Citizen Action leaders and members about Tim Burns is his willingness to discuss his progressive values with voters instead of perpetuating the charade that a judge’s philosophy does not influence their decisions. Wisconsin needs a Supreme Court Justice who will fight for average people against the big corporate interests that are rigging the Wisconsin judiciary."

Working Families party Endorses Tim Burns


"In a state where the Republicans wield their majority control to benefit themselves and their donors, the State Supreme Court is an important check on power on issues ranging from redistricting to civil liberties. We believe that Burns will be a judge who will carefully weigh the needs of everyday Wisconsinites against the big money players that control the Republican party and by extension, the judiciary. In Wisconsin, we see the corroding influence that money has on politics and the people’s business. We need judges like Tim Burns to balance the scales."

                    AFSCME Council 32 Endorses Tim Burns 


“AFSCME looks for Wisconsin Supreme Court candidates that will champion the rights of working people and will fairly represent the interests of all Wisconsinites, not just the wealthy few. With the continuous assaults on worker’s rights, AFSCME is pleased to endorse Tim Burns and Rebecca Dallet for Wisconsin State Supreme Court in the Primary Election occurring on Tuesday, February 20th."


Teaching Assistants Association Endorses Tim Burns

"Tim Burns progressive values, commitment to democracy, and history of advocating for working people made him a clear choice for the Teaching Assistants Association. As conservative politicians backed by wealthy donors continue to attack public education, voting rights, and organized labor, Tim has the courage and integrity to stand up for working Wisconsinites.  After a near-unanimous vote by our membership, the TAA is pleased to announce our endorsement of Tim Burns for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice."


lt. Governor barbara lawton

Tim Burns brings his intellectual muscle and deep experience as an attorney, his clearly articulated progressive values, and his deep respect for the law to this campaign to bring change to our tragically broken Wisconsin Supreme Court.  He has a vision for justice and a powerful drive to serve; what luck for Wisconsin!

AFT 212 Logo.png

American Federation of Teachers local 212

“As a Justice, Tim Burns will look out for all Wisconsinites, regardless of race, geographic region or income level. He will strive to ensure that the Wisconsin Supreme Court is unbiased in its proceedings and that the Court works for the betterment of students, their school districts and communities, and working families across Wisconsin.” -- David Weingrod, COPE Chair


county executive Kathleen Falk

"From free speech to our right to privacy to protecting natural resources, the Wisconsin Supreme Court hears and decides the most important legal issues. Tim Burns has the backbone, the integrity, and the courage a Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice must have. He will be a strong addition to our Court."

Fallone Photo.jpg

professor Ed Fallone

"Tim Burns understands how important it is for the people of this state to have confidence in their judiciary. That it will serve its role as a check on the elected branches, to make sure that the rights of every citizen are not at risk, just because a particular interest group or political party holds power in executive branch or the legislature."

paul higginbotham.jpg

Judge Paul Higginbotham

"Tim will make an outstanding Supreme Court Justice.  Tim has a proven record as an attorney who has worked hard for fairness and equal justice.  We can count on Tim to be an independent Justice and not beholden to the highest bidder."  

kagen smile.jpg

Congressman Steve Kagen, M.D.

"Recently, our state’s Supreme Court has been protecting high-dollar special interests instead of our traditional Wisconsin values. I trust Tim to protect our right to vote, our right to ask for a raise collectively and the right for every woman to determine her most intimate healthcare decisions without government interference."


judge joanne kloppenburg

"Tim is an outstanding attorney whose expertise in complex areas of the law has earned him widespread recognition as one of the best lawyers in the nation. Tim's intellect, his deep understanding of legal issues, and his love of the law make him exceptionally well suited to service on the Wisconsin Supreme Court."

our revolution.png


“Tim’s working-class background makes him a champion for all of Wisconsin’s working families,” Our Revolution president Nina Turner stated in a news release.

Turner added, “On the Supreme Court, he’ll fight for everyone no matter what their race, religion, education, or creed. He will protect voting rights, workers’ rights, the environment, and level the playing field for small businesses.  Right now there are people who are fighting to take away our most valued right–the right to vote. The greatest equalizer we have in this country is the right to vote. If we want better policies, we need better elected officials and that starts at the ballot box–and for Wisconsin voters that starts with electing Tim Burns to the Supreme Court.”


Our wisconsin revolution 

“Tim Burns is running for this important position to make sure that the judicial system and especially the highest court in the state is acting to ensure a level playing field for everyone and not corporate interests. This focus aligns with the values OWR is fighting for in Wisconsin. Our members know Tim will bring an experienced, authentic voice of reason to the Supreme Court, a voice that sides with the people of this state. We are eager to mobilize 6,000 members across the state in support of Tim through the Primary and General Election in April.”  -- Sarah Lloyd, OWR Co-Chair.


congressman mark pocan

"Our courts help shape our economy and political system, and Wisconsin needs a Supreme Court Justice who will bring change to our state’s highest court. As a Justice, Tim Burns will be a champion of progressive values.  He will fight to ensure our courts work for all Wisconsinites, regardless of race or income level and he will not just be another rubber stamp for Scott Walker’s agenda."


senator jennifer shilling

"As a nationally recognized attorney, Tim fights to hold huge insurance companies accountable. He sticks up for their policy holders. But he thinks he can do more, and that’s why he’s our best hope to bring change to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  At a time when the courts are currently tilted towards corporations, wealthy organizations, and mega donors, it’s clear that Tim and his values are needed to stand up for all of us."


dean strang

"As a lawyer, occasionally I have mused whether I want a judge who is smart but cold and inhumane, or one who is not as bright but is compassionate and understands the struggles that real people have. Sometimes, that seems like the depressing range of possibilities. With Tim, though, we can have both. He is smart, humane, and very much connected to the difficulties that almost all people face."

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spring primary: 100 day countdown

We can change the Wisconsin Supreme Court, but only with your help.  

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